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CeltiCraft Jewellery & Armour was established in 2012
We create handcrafted medieval, fantasy and alternative jewellery, armour, accessories,
homeware and more! We also offer a range of D&D, gaming, anime and fandom inspired items.
We specialise in chainmaille, scalemaille & leather apparel and offer a wide variety of unique and otherworldly wares. We strive to bring 
our designs to life to create one of a kind, wearable art that allows our customers to express themselves, feel confident and dare to stand out from the crowd.
We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and ship worldwide.



Custom Designs & Crafts

We specialise in creating custom apparel, be it for every day wear, events or cosplay.

We highly encourage unique designs, the more creative the better! We will bring your vision to life and craft your dream items like no other. 

Film & Theatre Costume and Prop Fabrication

We design and create costumes, armour and props for local and international film productions,

Netflix series, theatre and performance artists. We supply costumes for AfrikaBurn, Ren Faire and other festivals. Costume hire is available on selected items for productions and photoshoots.


CeltiCraft was founded in February of 2012.

Before the era of CeltiCraft, we had many small business ventures, exploring many creative avenues and working on various craft projects.

In 2006 we started our first business called Lifeless Creations, where we made alternative and gothic clothing and chain accessories. In 2008 we then began the next adventure: Fehu Uruz, where we created Fantasy & Celtic jewellery, accessories, wooden homeware, headdresses and sculptures. In 2010 we began introducing Chainmaille and leather into our work. Through these ventures we found our niche and the passion for our crafts was ever expanding. It was in 2012 that we finally decided to rebrand as CeltiCraft Jewellery & Armour. As CeltiCraft grew, so did our craft skills and knowledge. Our passion for art drives us to pursue our goals and keep expanding our brand.


My name is Cheri, I am the owner & artist behind CeltiCraft. Each item is personally handcrafted by me with utmost attention to detail, love and creativity. My skills are self-taught through many years of experience, patience, trial and error, and experimenting with different mediums and tools.

I have always been obsessed with fantasy, anime, gaming, dragons and alternative attire. Growing up in South Africa, it was difficult to acquire unique and alternative items locally, which lead me to start producing my own jewellery and creations. I saw the demand and lack of such items locally, which inspired me to start selling my wares to the public. I felt that everyone should be given the opportunity and freedom to express themselves and have their own unique items crafted locally. I am passionate about art and hope to inspire others through my work.

Here at CeltiCraft, we aspire to create unique wares whilst ensuring the best quality and experience for our customers. We bring ancient art forms and techniques back to life with a creative twist to allow our customers to express themselves through our wares and unleash their inner warrior.
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